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What is Electrono from Bliksem Tech?

Electrono range of Products are modular Electronics self-learning Kits from Bliksem Tech® Singapore. Explore alternative ways of creating circuits using Electrono Kits from Bliksem Tech. The details about the product and its scope are given below.

Through Electrono kits we aim to create interest in hardware and embedded software aspects of electronics through unique scalable and compatible product range. The kit is designed and developed by the developer who has many decades of industrial experience as regards hardware and embedded software aspects of electronic equipment.

Electrono is simple and unique: The kits consist of several interconnectable simple modules in four colour coded categories to create several gadgets of daily use. It helps to understand basic concepts in Hardware and Software Electronics. It is unique because it offers wide range of activities, instant gratification, possibility to create useful gadgets. It is a lifetime companion as a prototyping platform too.

Products: Electrono kits are customisable and upgradable due to scalability. Electrono modules can also be used in ElectroArduino kit to experience programming environment in creating new gadgets.

Simple 3wire connection: Electrono primarily uses a 3wire polarity protected module interface in which the red-wire is positive supply, black-wire negative supply (ground) and brown-wire caries signal.

Support: Electrono Kits are well supported by documents such as User manual, Explanation, Evaluation, and de-bugging tips. User documents help to achieve results (Gratification). The Explanation is for higher learning requirement. The Evaluation helps to check the understanding. Debugging information helps to learn debugging techniques that will be useful in analysing faults with electronic gadgets.

Gains: The clumsiness (or fear) of handling electronic hardware will be removed. The kit helps to reduce the gap between theory and practice. The knowledge attained can be useful in selecting hardware or a software solution in each situation.

It is a new, easy way to improve technical skill in Electronics.

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