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Tinkering and Mastering Electronics

Updated: Jul 28

Tinkering is an attempt to repair or improve something in a casual way. Tinkering is basic human nature. By the way, Basic does not mean LOW, or TRIVIAL

As a child, we learnt many things practically – handling, breaking etc., that is just tinkering. But academic learning methods (and visual diversions now) divert us from Tinkering and Learning. Technology is the result of Experiential learning. The experience part comes from Tinkering.

Hands on engineers will never hesitate to tinker and solve problems.

Tinker-> Understand-> Improve ->be Hands on ->Master technology Naturally!

R & D starts with tinkering, (backed by some subject knowledge) improving and mastering. The added benefit is hands-on engineers are creative and cheerful. They address issues, not people.

One can start tinkering as early as possible. It is never too late to start.

For gaining confidence in hardware electronics, the Electrono Tinkering kit supported by high quality documents is an ideal starting point for a lifetime. One doesn’t need a garage, or a set of tools, to tinker.

Skills grow when we start tinkering.

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