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Creator: Nara

Tinkering Can Lead to Creative Insight and Innovation. You don’t need a garage or a set of tools to tinker, just this Electrono kit. 
Electronics is 90% practical and 10% theory. But our colleges teach 90% Theory and 10% practical. Start here and master the technology with ease and without stress.


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Through Electrono© kits, we aim to provide hands-on experience in hardware and embedded software aspects of electronics.  It is modular, unique, scalable and compatible .

If you like hands-on electronics and look for working in this area, this can also be used as a prototyping platform. Electrono Kits are lifetime products,


My Story

In my 4 decades of working experience as an Electronics Engineer, I observed that many qualified engineers put their hands into their pockets when they are required to correct hardware issues.

This tool is designed and developed by me with many decades of hands on industrial experience. I started my career with Philips Semiconductors in 1972 where I was working in the design labs for over two decades. My experience in designing consumer electronic products then brought me to Micronas Intermetall GmbH and Genesis microchip inc.

One of the common complaints heard in the electronics industry was (and it continues to be today) the lack of hands on skills amongst the newly recruited engineers. 

I tried to reduce this gap by making this hands-on kit and its accompanying reference manual that covers explanation, evaluation and debugging skills required for assembling and operating these kits. 

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